Drop off your kiddos for a fun playdate with a vetted neighborhood parent while you run errands.

For Parents, By Parents

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We need the trusted safety nets of our community to help make parenting not so hard and not so solitary. Your neighbors are ready and willing to help you.

Since the beginning, Poppy has been focused on helping families get their villages back. Now, we're creating the tools that allow parents to easily and safely create fun, flexible options for other families by simply hosting a playdate.

Busy parents need their village now more than ever before

Introducing Poppy Pop-ins

Welcome to Poppy Pop-ins: flexible, quality, affordable options for neighborhood families. Local parents apply with Poppy and invite a couple neighborhood kiddos to their home for engaging and entertaining activities.

You sign up to drop off your kiddos at a Pop-in with these trusted hosts so you can run errands, get some work done, or squeeze in an appointment nearby. Think of it as a structured and scheduled playdate.

Families pay $10/hr for one child and $5/hr for each sibling for 1-3 hours of playtime fun. Whether it's free play or a fun little craft, playtime is more fun with friends.

Welcome to the modern village.

It's Easy to Get Started

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Meet Your Host

Play + Easily Pay

Pick a Pop-in and tell us:

Check out your host's Pop-in Host page ahead of time, to learn more about them and their playspace.

Poppy will send you a confirmation email, which will serve as your kiddo's ticket into the Pop-in (along with photo ID).

Parents drop off kiddos for a couple hours while they get work done or run errands. Playtime just got more fun for everyone.

After you pick up your kiddo, you're charged for the amount of time your kiddo was at the Pop-in.

No fumbling with cash in person.

  • # kids you're dropping off
  • names
  • ages

Building strong, safe communities is at the core of all we do. That means having vetted hosts, vetted homes and vetted families attending the playdates.

All Pop-in hosts have:

We've asked the hard questions, so you don't have to

  • CPR / First Aid training
  • 2 vouches from neighborhood parents
  • Background check of any adult ages 16+ that will be present in the home
  • Home visit and check

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If you have more questions, feel free to reach out to: play@meetpoppy.com



Poppy was started by Avni Patel Thompson, a Seattle entrepreneur and mama to 2 girls. She was tired of feeling panicked and anxious every time she couldn't find someone she trusted to care for her kids. She realized how powerful it would be to have a trusted village within arms reach. So she built it with Poppy.

For more information about Poppy and the rave-worthy caregivers who help power our village, go to Poppy's home page.

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